Hi, I’m Yuval, a DevOps and DevSecOps consultant working to help development teams become more productive.

I can help you with:

  1. Implement a CI/CD pipelines that are stable and align with your development team’s workflow.
  2. Kubernetes - If you are just starting to migrate your application to Kubernetes, and need help. Or if you are already running in production and facing new challenges of maintaining the clusters.
  3. Git - Branching strategies and workflows.
  4. Training your development teams with new DevOps technologies they have to use daily.
  5. Coaching your DevOps team.
  6. Shifting left - Address security as part of your release pipeline. It’s better to fix security issues early on than discover them when the vendor is breathing down your neck.
  7. Working with cloud providers (AWS, GCP)

Let’s chat

Twitter: @yuvalo
LinkedIn: LinkedIn Profile

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